Due to the Action Programme of State Work Safety Inspectorate for the period 2019 to 2021, respecting the prohibition of concluding civil law agreement whose terms indicate a hidden employment relationship is a priority for the State Work Safety Inspectorate. Experts refer high rate of infringements of article 22 § 1  of the Labour code, especially when it comes to the construction and gastronomic sectors, as well as hotels and guarding. During the first midterm of the year 2019, the infringements emerged in 14,8 % controls.

Due to the current legislation, State Work Safety Inspectorate is entitled to file a suit for recognition that an employment relation is existent. In the year 2016 SWSI filed 150 such suits for 238 people. In 22 cases the labour courts decided that the employment relationships have actually existed. The extending the powers of Labour Inspectors has been proposed by SWSI for years. The draft law will be presented after the parliamentary election in October.