In the framework of changes to the civil procedure the legislator, wanting to streamline the judicial procedure, decided to return to previous regulations and re-introduced separate economic proceedings, liquidated in 2012.

These proceedings may be lifted when non-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are natural persons, within a week of being served with a written notice, submit a request to examine the case in the ordinary manner. This conclusion is binding on the court, and failure to comply with the deadline will result in the expiry of the parties’ right in question.

The changes related to the consideration of economic matters will include, among others on shortening deadlines. The evidence from witness testimonies will also change, which the court may admit only if, after the documentary evidence (or lack thereof) has remained unexplained facts relevant to the resolution of the case. The legislator also introduced a new institution of evidence contract. It consists in the fact that the parties may agree to exclude certain evidence in the proceedings from the specific legal relationship arising under the contract.