Fast Polska Company recommendation letter for Tomczak & Partners
for those interested
As below signed, I – Michał Andrzej Lipski, on behalf of the limited liability company Fast Polska located in Sokoławska 10 Street 05-090 Puchały, entered in the register of entrepreneurs of the national court register by the District Court for Warsaw in Warsaw, XII commercial Division of the national court register under KRS number 0000234825 (the company), confirm that the firm Tomczak & Partners based in Warsaw Podwale 3/9 Street provided legal services since 2005, it is from the beginning of activities in Poland.

This support included, inter alia, the issues of the scope of labour law, which in this period in the company’s activities there, including, in particular, but not limited to litigation arising from the employment relationship.

In my assessment of the work done by law firms lawyers has become a high level professional, which covered both the reliability of the information provided and opinions, as well as its timeliness and suitability to the needs of the company.

In my opinion Tomczak & Partners services deserve recommendation.

Michał Andrzej Lipski,
Member of the Board of Directors
Fast Polska