To all interested
On behalf of the Moët Hennessy Polska Company Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Moët Hennessy Polska), I confirm the following:
• The firm Tomczak & Partners has been providing legal services to the company Moët Hennessy Polska since 2007.
• Advising included, inter alia, advice and conduct matters from the scope of labour law. This advice was provided in the full range of matters arising out of the current activity of Moët Hennessy Polska.
• Work was provided through lawyers specialized in the field of labour law.

According to my opinion the firm carried out the tasks assigned without complaint. This applies to both the professional level of work as well as the commitment and responsibility of the work entrusted to lawyers.

If necessary, the name of Moët Hennessy Polska confirmed the specific scope of work served by the law firm Tomczak & Partners for Moët Hennessy Polska.

Alexander Klaman,
Country Manager
Moët Hennessy Polska

Moët Hennessy Polska