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Tomczak & Partners law firm emerges from the classic model of law firms from the 1990s, which dealt with all legal advice that a business client needed.
Since then, the subject of legal advice on the market has expanded a lot and today we do not deal with everything, but the practice and interests allowed us to obtain a noteworthy specialization in particular areas of law.
For many years we have been successfully dealing with labour law. Labour law has become a starting point for the development of these specialisations, which make up the broadly understood scope of compliance, i. e. anti-trust law, white collar crime and responsibility of collective entities, counteracting money laundering. In this way, we offer specialized advice in what we call compliance law in Polish.

At the same time, we are developing the second special quality of the Law Firm, which is related to restructuring law and transactions. In contrast to the first specialization, which can be called preventive, the latter specialization is primarily interventional, but at the same time it allows companies to choose new ways of business development, bringing prospects not only for security but also for success. This specialisation also integrates many areas of law that are part of the standard functioning of companies, which, among other things, is occasionally reflected in legal audits.
In addition, the special expectations of our clients have allowed us to gain special expertise in narrow, regulated or organisationally closed areas of law, such as in particular alcohol and tobacco law, but also in football law (assuming that such an area of law exists).
We work exclusively for business and business people. The main message of our activity is the conviction that there is no limit to the understanding of business by a lawyer, because a lawyer helps to assess business risk, one of the elements of which is only legal risk. The risk in business is basically indivisible.

News and Cases


EU harmonization of remuneration

The European Commission has started work on introducing the so-called European minimum wage. A draft in this matter is to be presented to the Member States at the end of January this year. It does not provide for the introduction of a specific amount, but a harmonized...

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Simple joint-stock company – delayed

As a result of the amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure adopted by the Parliament on January 9, 2020, the entry into force of provisions regarding a simple joint-stock company introduced into Polish law by the Act of 19 July 2019 amending the Act - Code of...

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If anyone thinks they know everything they need…

If anyone thinks that they know everything that is needed about what is happening in Poland and what others think about it - we recommend the report of the Monitoring Committee of the European Parliament on changes in the Polish judiciary (in English, it is also...

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Court experts connected to independence

On his blog, Michał Tomczak considers - in the context of the dispute about the independence of the courts - why such an ambiguous position of experts in Polish courts arises and where does the systemic disregard for so-called private opinions come from.

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The name of the financing comes from the French language - although it is already adopted in English and means a mezzanine, a place connecting two floors. Mezzanine is an instrument that combines the features of debt, i.e. credit or loan as well as equity financing,...

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Witholding tax – it is all about holding

From the point of view of cross-border financial transactions, withholding tax on interest or royalties is an extremely important element of calculation. Theoretically speaking, the amount of this tax is obvious because it results from agreements to prevent double...

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Labour Law Office

Labour law is the most natural specialization in the case of a business law firm. This is because labour law is everywhere where business is. Only 20 years ago, however, offering advice on labour law appeared to law firms as a necessity rather than a choice by conviction. Here, however, a lot has changed and even more will change. There are large law firms on the market which deal exclusively with labour law. A great many new regulations have appeared in the legal system, mainly related to membership of the European Union and the growing cross-border freedom of employment. There are also a number of new claims, which from the point of view of corporate entities constitute a growing threat, and modern trade unions are appearing. Labour law has become a par excellence in a growing legal compliance building, full of connections with other legal areas of compliance. However, the most important reason for these changes is probably that the faster the employee grows and wants the economy to grow, the more important the employee is.

Our labour law team – we call it with an accent of perversity, but caused by respect for the importance and uniqueness of this area – the Labour Law Office consists of Michał Tomczak, Klaudia Kwoka and Marta Kozak.

We conduct regular training for our clients, publish our thoughts and, with the indispensable help of our clients, we reliably monitor the development and changes related to labour law.

Discrimination in labour law

Non-competition in labour law

Knowledge base

Akzo Nobel

W ocenie Akzo Nobel praca Kancelarii Tomczak & Partnerzy wykonywana była rzetelnie, rzeczowo i w uzgodnionym terminie. Poziom profesjonalny wykonywanej pracy odpowiadał standardom Akzo Nobel i nie budził zastrzeżeń.

Bibby Financial Services

Kancelaria obsługiwała sprawy wynikające ze stosunku pracy powstające na tle bieżącej działalności Spółki, w tym również sprawy sądowe. W opinii reprezentowanej Spółki, usługi świadczone przez Kancelarię odznaczały się profesjonalizmem i stały na wysokim poziomie merytorycznym.


Doradztwo Kancelarii Tomczak & Partnerzy stało na wysokim poziomie i było pomocne dla reprezentowanej Spółki. Wszystkie czynności zawodowe podejmowane były przez prawników Kancelarii sprawnie i profesjonalnie i odpowiadały w pełni oczekiwaniom Spółki.

DSM Nutritional Products

Kancelaria obsługiwała wszystkie sprawy wynikające ze stosunku pracy powstające na tle bieżącej działalności Spółki. Zdaniem reprezentowanej Spółki praca świadczona przez Kancelarię stała na wysokim poziomie merytoiycznym.

Fast Poland

W mojej ocenie praca wykonywana przez prawników Kancelarii stała na wysokim poziomie profesjonalnym, co dotyczyło zarówno wiarygodności dostarczanych informacji oraz opinii, jak też jej punktualności i odpowiedniości do potrzeb Spółki.


W mojej opinii praca Kancelarii Tomczak & Partnerzy stała na wysokim poziomie merytorycznym, potwierdzonym także opinią osób pełniących stanowiska kierownicze w Spółkach LIDER’ S- K. G. oraz Dr Gerard.

Lohmann Animal Health Polska

W ocenie Spółki zlecona Kancelarii praca wykonywana była bez zarzutu. W szczególności wysoko oceniamy merytoryczną jakość doradztwa prawnego, terminowość wykonywanych zadań a także zrozumienie potrzeb Spółki jako Klienta Kancelarii.

Moët Hennessy Polska

Według mojej opinii Kancelaria wywiązywała się z powierzonych zadań bez zarzutu. Dotyczy to zarówno poziomu zawodowego świadczonej pracy jak również zaangażowania i odpowiedzialności prawników wykonujących powierzoną pracę.

Scania Polska

W ocenie władz Spółki jak i w mojej własnej ocenie praca wykonywana przez prawników Kancelarii Tomczak & Partnerzy w tym osobiście adw. Michała Tomczaka stała na bardzo dobrym poziomie zawodowym i służyła rozwojowi Spółki.

Skandia Życie

Według mojej opinii pomoc prawna oferowana przez Kancelarię stała na wysokim poziomie profesjonalnym i potwierdzała kompetencję Kancelarii w domenie prawa pracy.


We support Polish entrepreneurs in running their businesses in accordance with applicable laws and standards. Tomczak&Partners law firm offers services in matters related to the broadly understood scope of compliance. A lawyer delegated to cooperate with the Client supports the entrepreneur in ensuring compliance of the business activity with applicable legal regulations and generally accepted standards, as well as moral values in business.
This is a response to the new expectations of entrepreneurs, who more and more often pay attention to business ethics, organisational governance and corporate social responsibility. A lawyer from our law firm supports entrepreneurs who in their activities take care to comply with the spirit of law and its letter in a way that allows the company to effectively achieve business objectives.

As part of our legal assistance, our law firm offers support in areas affecting the observance of business values, the responsibility of collective entities (such as criminal compilation, white collar crime), privacy in labour law or anti-trust protection (the prohibition of vertical agreements, non-compete obligations on distributors).


Anti-Money Laundering

Mandatory Disclosure Rules

Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data

Protection of whistleblowers

Criminal liability of collective entities


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