Recommendation letter confirming cooperation Company Scania Polska SA with Tomczak & Partners
As below signed – Tomasz Mosoń, I am member of the Board of Directors of Scania Poland SA in 2008.

Name of Company Scania Polska SA, I hereby confirm that the law firm Tomczak & Partners led provided legal services for Company Scania Poland SA since 2001.

This support included, inter alia, the labour law issues including:

  • preparing and verifying contracts of employment;
  • all activities related to the resolution of contracts of employment;
  • investigating disputes on the area of labour law;
  • representation of the company in front of the authorities of the State in relation to labour relations;
  • preparation of contracts related to the employment relationship, including the protection of competition;
  • preparation of documents from the scope of collective labour law;
  • commenting on current issues relating to labour relations;
  • any other legal issues arising in labour relations;

In assessing of the company’s authorities as well as in my own assessment services provided by Law Office lawyers especially by Michal Tomczak stayed at the high level of merits and serve the development of the company.

Tomasz Mosoń,
Member of the Board of Directors
Scania Polska