Agata Stachura


Agata Stachura graduated from law studies at the University of Warsaw in June 2020. She usually had only highest grades in college, although she still feels wronged by the departmental system of registering for exams. Choosing the law, as many young people probably do, she imagined that she would change the world for the better.

Over the years, this idealistic approach has eased somewhat under the pressure of harsh reality, but Agata is still trying to find her individual path in the legal profession, in accordance with the old ideas. During studies, too – like a master’s thesis civil law, but an absolutely secondary topic – that is, liability for harm caused by imprisonment by forced stay in a psychiatric hospital.

So far, working as a lawyer is a kind of experiment for Agata, although it is carried out with full commitment. There are various life ideas in the background, those that Agata talks about and probably still those that she doesn’t talk about. Formally, she belongs to the Z generation, but does not necessarily fit into it. Undoubtedly, she has a talent, and she has the right to do so, but having a talent probably does not make life easier, but hinders life choices. However, it cannot be said that working with Agata is boring.