Fake gold


Overall, I am glad that Robert Lewandowski is an outstanding footballer, outstanding on a global scale. Probably we have never had such a famous player, I do not want to say – so outstanding, because comparing Lubański, Deyna or Boniek from the old days is so inappropriate that they were not given such a chance as Lewandowski got.

Nevertheless, Lewandowski is not and will not be my fairy tale hero. If someone is a millionaire and probably a smart, sensitive person, he should choose the way of building his public image in a more milking way. I would say – with a greater historical breath, considering that the way public celebrity capital is built and invested will someday be publicly accounted for. And I think Lewandowski will be a bit ashamed of what values ​​he favored with his public capital.

First, there was participation in the advertising campaigns of Huawei, a company-vehicle of an authoritarian power, and now – a medal from an ambiguous president of an ambiguous power, a president without meaning, a poor, gray figure supporting an authoritarian regime in the middle of civilized Europe, which may regain importance for a short while thanks to joint photography with the best striker in the world.

Who benefited more, who lost more from the awarding of this order from a fake gold?


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