Perhaps this property could be called correspondence or something similar. It refers at least ideologically to mindfulness, but is also based on mature business theories. They say that, not to try to satisfy everyone in business, but to meet the needs of those for whom our product or service is of special importance.

It is the eternal dream of a young lawyer to have the whole world at his feet, which means, above all, to reach and convince every client on Earth. Senior lawyers are often inclined to say that any client who pays for a service is good enough. But that is only a small part of the truth.
Because if we assume that the greatest sense is to establish a long-term relationship with the client, then it must be based on the importance of further-reaching matching than just the current need and the current invoice.
A lawyer, especially a managing lawyer in a larger company, will easily notice that long-term clients very rarely question invoices, but the selection of the supplier of the first order is very often based on the price criterion. This is because the price becomes a secondary factor for our client in relation to the quality of the service. Because this quality is perceived as a mutual match.