Late Orwell


How to choose a lawyer in Poland 2021? You will probably say: experience, recommendation from a reliable source. Maybe some PhD. Ok, but I am not asking: how to choose a lawyer in general, but how to choose a lawyer in Poland ruled by #PiS?

At the moment, more and more often a lawyer with this special competence is sought, namely a lawyer who “does something for them”. Maybe he represented #Kaczyński in a court case? Or #Sasin? Or maybe he is the son of #Terlecki? (I don’t know if he has a son). “Because, Sir, maybe you know this subject” – the client tells me, “And I consider you at all. But you cannot help me in this matter.” And I am a loyal advocate, I support my clients, I do not tell them something that I do not believe in – myself. So I don’t convince the client that he is wrong. Because in a certain spiritual, subjective sense, he is definitely right.
I don’t know, of course, how it is. I don’t know if “it” works or how “it” works. That is, I do not know whether my client, a former (in this case) client, will be dealt with by an attorney connected with PiS. But for sure, such a choice will increase my client’s comfort and soothe the soul. Especially in a criminal case in the prosecutor’s office and especially in central administration offices. In court, maybe too.

So I don’t know how it is with that. But one thing is certain: we already have a kind of Orwellian consciousness within us, which consists in accepting this way of thinking, such a method of acting, of seeking reasons that, a few years ago, we would have considered ugly, East Byzantine, broken. This is what we would have recognized a few years ago – my client and I. Not today.


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I am a lawyer with thirty years of experience, in my first professional life I was a journalist. But in my every life I am most attracted to curiosity, discovering new lands, and secondly - convincing people to do what is wise, good or beautiful. I will also let myself be convinced of these three things.

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