Openness is, above all, the readiness to learn. Not only in the classic academic sense of the word, but also in the sense of: openness to receiving new information from any field. This applies to each individual matter as well as to the entire professional being. Openness concerns changes in the formula of the proffession.

The fifth quality and the message of the Law Firm is openness. Its importance has grown and grows. While in the past the problem of lawyers was access to knowledge and information, now all knowledge and information is available. This imposes on a wise lawyer the first duty of selecting information in place of gathering information.

The second duty is the duty to take your own position, because with this access to information and its illegibility, it is not enough to refer to the authoritative view available to everyone, but you need to know why, from all these views available on this particular matter, we decide to defend our view.

Finally, openness is about learning and being open to new information. Not necessarily legal, because the vastness of the areas to which law applies requires learning both the law and understanding many completely new areas of intellectual assimilation.