Colonel Cathcart and the independence of the judiciary


Colonel Cathcart had a great ability to bring together different people’s views on what kind of jerk he was. We have quite a similar case here now. All people of a pro-Western and civilized orientation are ready to defend the independence of courts and judges against those who, under the pretext, want to control the courts. However, do the same people ask themselves – why should we defend this independence, and should the judgments be the same as before?

So far, I have not heard that the judiciary itself is proposing anything. Opposition politicians are not proposing anything. Moreover, neither of them even offer a diagnosis of a state in which the courts have been for many years and which has only been degenerating. In which independent judges gave senseless or unfair sentences. The situation of the besieged fortress apparently favors everyone because it slows down from thinking.

And my question is – are we ready for the moment when ruddy Colonel Cathcart with blue eyes from the siege has already withdrawn? What will we do then, defenders of independence and supporters of wise, efficient judgments at the same time?


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I am a lawyer with thirty years of experience, in my first professional life I was a journalist. But in my every life I am most attracted to curiosity, discovering new lands, and secondly - convincing people to do what is wise, good or beautiful. I will also let myself be convinced of these three things.

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