The truth about the state


The percentage of the society interested in vaccination is one of the most important indicators of the civilization development of society. Obviously, the most important test is voter turnout.

In relation to vaccination, it simply contains and expresses the educational and intellectual standard of society. The scale of belief in superstition. The scale of trust in you. The scale of the attitude towards the community
and connection with the community. I would say – the scale of everything.

The greatest reluctance to vaccinate in Podlasie, Lubelszczyzna and Podkarpacie, regions thanks to which PiS wins the elections. But all politicians fear such a decision in their eyes.

Finally, we are dealing with a fascinating test of the sense of the exercise of power by an authority that is unable to force minority vaccinations to protect the majority. The strategy of relying solely on oneself, antagonizing one another against one another, ultimately relying on 20 percent of the population, renders such power completely incapable of enforcing behavior of existential significance on a minority for the entire nation.

Who needs such a power that at the most important moment does not have the tools to rule?


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