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An article by Michał Tomczak in the Rzeczpospolita daily (Kadry i Płace).

These two judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union, issued in 2017, regarding the wearing of an Islamic headscarf by female employees gained considerable publicity, although, as is usually the case with publicity, it did not make much use of the understanding of the entire, rather subtle interpretation of European law made by the Court. It seems to me that the right-wing circles especially accepted the message from these judgments that they “finally took up their job”. This is, of course, a somewhat obscure simplification.

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Michał Tomczak discuses in daily “Rzeczpospolita” of April 8th, interesting judgment of Court of Justice of European Union, particularly sensitive in the present Polish political and moral climat.
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For various reasons, compensation has become a standard in disputes over unjustified contract termination. This seems to be an obvious consequence of the fundamental idea of ​​the labor market, according to which the employer has the right to select personnel according to his will and his needs. Reed all (Polish…