Karolina Kocemba


Karolina’s professional and educational development is a great proof that the high-level theoretical preparation for the legal profession allows for relatively free movement in all areas of business law.

Karolina is a doctor of law, and she wrote a doctoral dissertation on non-existent legal actions. As the title suggests, this is an extremely theoretical legal work, although it is obviously not true (which has been joked from time to time) that there are no non-existent legal acts in law. Law as a conventional field exceeds the meaning of ordinary language and the source of transgressing conventions is primarily the theory of law. The most interesting phenomenon in all this is how completely theoretical structures build the ability to solve the most specific problems.

With the strength of the leader’s personality and enormous knowledge, Karolina is, of course, a difficult partner and employer. However, whoever accepts her style, be it a client or an employee, has a chance to gain access to a unique legal or, in general, professional quality.
Karolina Kocemba, doctor and attorney at law, leads and manages transactions and restructuring processes. It is a specific competence that requires efficiency and understanding of many areas of law. With real, complex transactions and restructuring, it also requires strategic and operational business changes.