Labour law – small and large

The Law Firm has been dealing with labor law since its inception. It was not a very natural choice but a commercial necessity. Labor law is everywhere and every business needs a labor law from time to time.

Over time, however – this is often the case when a topic begins to form a whole and when you see its depth – we have become a quite good specialists in the field of labor law.

Ludzie w pracy rozmawiają, na pierwszym planie maszyna z wiertłem.

This is especially true of several important topics that we have thoroughly learned thanks to our clients. Such topics include especially protection of competition at work, relations with trade unions, collective agreements, protection of personal rights in labor law, mobbing, discrimination, work of foreigners and quite a lot of other matters. Like all our consultancy, we try to treat disputes in an open, understandable way. And the advice that, as court lawyers, we entrust to our clients with full conviction is the following advice: do everything not to go to court.