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That interesting primarily for football fans, but it also has a second, quite deep bottom for those who are simply interested in the sense of global legal solutions. Well, the Swiss Ministry of Justice has informed two football headquarters, #UEFA and #FIFA, that they do not have the right to impose sanctions on clubs that have attempted to change the system of football games, known as the Superliga. The main argument was to question the monopolistic practices of football organizations.

That’s it. Everyone, or many of those who have dealt with even UEFA, knows that it is an arrogant, in some important sense a demoralized, omnipotent organization that does what it wants. Including imposing your will on governments, as was the case with the defense of #PZPN. And yet, it is a private company under Swiss law, without any governmental or state authorization. Or maybe even – legal authorization.

I have appeared before UEFA’s jurisdiction several times. The absolute sense of power and the treatment, especially of the club from second-rate Polish football, were, I do not hesitate to say, humiliating. And certainly not having anything to do with European legal and judicial standards.
UEFA is a monopoly, a classic monopoly. Fans accept it because they like to watch matches. But – I tried to tell it in the form of a joke – today, if myself and my brother-in-law wanted to establish UEFA-2, no one would forbid us to do so. Provided we had a few billion free to encourage the clubs.

JPMorgan had a few billion vacancies. #Ceferin, UEFA president, is from Slovenia, so maybe not everything is clear to him. Super league may not be liked, but there is no reason to “punish” clubs that do not accept the monopoly and have their own concept of playing football. To punish – under the pretext of violating UEFA’s internal rules, the sole purpose of which is to maintain the monopoly. It is a bit like Orlen is punishing BP for building gas stations.

What do we want in Europe?


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