Simon Sinek has led many people to think about business, especially those who have been wondering whether their work is motivated only by money. Yes, too, but money is not enough to do things really well, and especially better than others. This thinking makes us find in our actions the most important, the deepest motive which lies in the answer to the question: why?

Hand in hand

Our motive is, above all, to seek trust. We offer trust and expect trust. Legal advice is based on trust. It was different in the past. In the past, competent, substantive and efficient advice was probably more difficult to achieve. Also because the sources of knowledge were more difficult to reach. But today there are incomparably more competent lawyers, and especially – unlimited access to sources of knowledge. That is, everything that, according to Simon Sinek, fits into the question: how?

But why will always be more important.

In legal counseling, trust is the foundation of a long-term relationship between the counselor and the client. The client is looking for certainty in striving to solve his problems, he does not have the slightest desire to verify the solutions offered. The client pays for the counselors to trust.
Trust is paramount.