Property as a foundation


On the occasion of changes to the code of administrative procedure, which, inter alia, are to block the implementation of property rights in Poland, a seemingly logical thesis emerged that no system can accept uncertainty in the field of property status for so many years.

First, however, this is not true: one of the most basic principles of the legal systems of the part of the world we live in is that property does not expire. Because why should it be barred?

Secondly, however, such ideas for stabilizing the system would have some justification if all those deprived of property were allowed to regain their property on the basis of normal and efficient procedures. It is the sine qua non of any stabilization of the system, and because for over 30 years of free Poland it has not been possible to create such a possibility, therefore departing from the principle of non-expiration of property should be a liminé excluded.


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