The brawl around the Superleague football reveals not only business but also cultural conflicts. It would not be good if the scream of all those who fight not only for values ​​but also for their life and financial positions did not allow us to see the important reasons behind this idea.

Europeans see football as a war, not a spectacle. The result is the most important. Americans who rule in several great clubs in Europe – on the contrary, for them sport is more of a spectacle and fun. That is why there are a lot of points in their sports, the smaller and weaker usually have no chance in the end, surprises are eliminated because they are business non-feasible, nobody drops from the league. And so on.

Those who still want war, for whom the result is more important than performance, and the fact that everyone has a chance rather than the quality of the spectacle, defend themselves against changes in Europe. The business question, however, is whether they, the supporters of war and sensational results, will be able to keep the finances of big clubs blown up mad without allowing new viewers with different needs.

In response to this question came the idea of ​​Superleague.


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