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Laws like this can be assessed from two independent perspectives. One of them is a purely legal perspective related to the purpose set by the statute. Acts are there to achieve the agreed social goal as effectively as possible.

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A good friend of mine once worked as an inhouse in a large, privatized company that had been in a corporate power struggle for months. After each subsequent edition of such a dispute, whether after a shareholders’ meeting, or after a lawsuit for nullity of everything in general, and a separate friend of mine, a competent lawyer with extensive experience, she had only one task: to stick, as soon as possible, five opinions most well-known commercial law lawyers who used to be in Warsaw. Before the other side concludes these opinions.

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The brawl around the Superleague football reveals not only business but also cultural conflicts. It would not be good if the scream of all those who fight not only for values ​​but also for their life and financial positions did not allow us to see the important reasons behind this idea.

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In the unusual song describing Matejko’s painting “Rejtan”, Jacek Kaczmarski uses – in the mouth of the Russian ambassador to the court of the Polish king – a term that I remember for the rest of my life, “Authority is not a penny here.”

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One of the identified reasons for the success of political populists such as Donald Trump is the deception of political correctness. Trump is unacceptable to educated and intelligent people, he says things that are unpredictable and chimerical, he insults people, and so on. For many of his constituents, however, this…

Authoritarian leaders of all walks of life have always loved to use lawyers to sell their authoritarian decisions. They disliked lawyers and generally dismissed them as evil and an obstacle. Nevertheless, these authoritarian leaders felt they knew what to do to make what they were doing looked decent. For this…

These arrests were taken from some Soviet KGB handbook in the chapter titled How To Break The People’s Enemy. They make no sense in trial, they give nothing. They are only a form of repression, making an impression, and giving the political benefit to the political beneficiaries. The three-letter service…

The judicial hierarchy is that they are at the very top, making the final verdict, no matter what stupidity in that verdict was pronounced. Therefore, the highest concern of the system, of any system, should be that at the very top there should be judges who do not foolishly. In…

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