First Advice


We lawyers, we know court law and theoretically we should persuade our clients to go to court when necessary.

Meanwhile, our first, best piece of advice we’ve given our clients for many years is just: don’t go to court. Avoid the court. Seek any other solution, NOT THE COURT.

And that lawyer who tells you something else, dear client, he does it for his own interest. So he’s cheating on you. Or out of stupidity. Or he doesn’t understand your situation, so much so that you’d better find another lawyer.

Courts are inefficient and therefore costly. Courts are unfriendly and rude. Courts are incompetent. They understand law semantically, outside the social and economic context.

Of course, not all, and not always, intelligent people who speak to intelligent people do not have to make such reservations every time. We are talking about general, even statistical, phenomena. Unfortunately, however, this type of closure and marginalization of courts in terms of the sense of their role and social task has been going on for years. And it has nothing to do with the Zibist coup on independence. For the courts, unfortunately, are not made better by the mere fact that they are independent.

Therefore, it is difficult to accept the current level of discussion on the judiciary, which focuses only on the current threats, but does not see the deep, structural and intellectual problems of the judiciary and courts.

Dear customer, don’t go to court, that’s our best advice.


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I am a lawyer with thirty years of experience, in my first professional life I was a journalist. But in my every life I am most attracted to curiosity, discovering new lands, and secondly - convincing people to do what is wise, good or beautiful. I will also let myself be convinced of these three things.

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