Left turn signal and awareness of law (1)


How should society’s attitude to law be examined? In declarations, polls, interviews? No no no. The attitude to the law, or to the regulatory mechanisms of society in general, must be tested in action. That is, in mechanical, repetitive, unintentional acts, in the first system according to the Kahneman and Tversky typology.

What do we do universally, unknowingly, applying the rules of law at the same time? We drive cars.

The symbol of understanding the law by Poles is the use of a direction indicator. Especially the left indicator The subject requires a doctorate, but we recommend it to the widespread observation of our newsletter readers.

When approaching a junction in the left lane, every second car does not turn on the turn signal, although as it turns out, it turns left. However, it turns on the indicator when it turned left. In fact, it shows not that it intends to execute, but that it has completed the maneuver.

From the point of view of the understanding of the law (i.e. the law on switching on the indicator in this case), such usus means, among other things, that:

  • I am completely not interested in what this recipe exists for;
  • I am especially not interested in the fact that the one behind me thought that I was going straight, I don’t care about it;
  • I use it (turn on the indicator) only because I have to, and so that someone does not get stuck.

It is a relatively common standard of law application in Poland. Not everyone’s traffic law. The law is not perceived as a mechanism that facilitates our life with ourselves, but a formal rule imposed from the outside, to which I must comply, but whose regulatory meaning is completely indifferent to me.

The perspective of the indicator will be a starting point for us to analyze the understanding of law in Poland, anno domini 2021. To be continued.


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