As a quite young lawyer trainee, I listened to the conversation of senior lawyers in the cafeteria in the court building, at al. Świerczewskiego. There were still times when all courts in Warsaw, including the Supreme Court, were located in this one building, while lawyers had a lot of time between cases.

Chewing gum under the shoe

These conversations showed that all lawyers were winning the case. Nobody talked about matters that he lost.

Everyone wins

And where are the lawyers who lose cases, I asked myself? Logically speaking, there must be as many losers as there are winners.

Today, when you read lawyers’ statements on Linkedin or other media, the mood is roughly the same. Everyone, but literally everyone wins things, tops the list of the best, they are successful.

Who knows, maybe it has to be this way, maybe that’s the nature of this profession that you can’t admit failure? Is this a standard that no one can break on its own? Such a megalomaniacal nature of the profession, which forces you to seek customers?

Source of knowledge

Maybe. But as in any other causative area of ​​life, careful assessment of one’s failures is the most important way to avoid them in the future.

Awareness of what may go wrong is also the basis for building meaningful relationships with business clients. Quite often clients expect miracles from lawyers and quite often they come across lawyers who promise them miracles. There is a kind of subtle, institutionalized deception or, let’s call it delicately, cheats.

We do not believe in the sense of building business relationships in this way.