Court or the perception of court


One of the most remarkable discoveries concerning the evolution of European law against the background of judgments concerning the Polish rule of law is the importance attached by the Court of Justice of the European Union to the perception of the courts as independent and independent institutions.

The Tribunal even says that this is not about what the judgments are, but how they are perceived. It is only when the courts are perceived as just that makes them just. This seemingly obvious reasoning makes it hard to reach the general consciousness. There is something like this in the traditional European-continental Prussian-Papal view of the courts as a machine operating beyond human senses.

This may have been the case when all the institutions of the state belonged to the king, emperor and pope. But this cannot be the case for a long time. The courts are independent if, in our opinion, they are their own.

There is no reality other than what we think about it


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