Swiss franc loans cases


Banks are losing court cases regarding Swiss franc loans, it seems that this is an irreversible trend. Banks did not seek settlements, did not seek general legislative solutions, did not want to pay extra. They believed that they would win the cases under the law. This situation, which is really dangerous for the economy, is not only a testimony to the ineptitude of politicians because, one could say, we could get used to. It clearly shows the dramatic failure of the legal profession in Poland, anno 2021. First, judges did everything they could to pass any judgments for many years. They did not have the courage, they did not have their own opinion. They put things off even more than usual. Independence is useless when there is no imagination, knowledge or character. In addition, lawyers from large network companies who liked to reassure banks in their self-righteousness, who used 100-page elaborations under the title of pleadings.

I have handled several such cases. Meeting both the court and my trial opponents in Swiss franc cases was a somewhat traumatic experience. A court that is looking for every fictitious reason to adjourn a hearing, and trial attorneys who fold another letter without twitching an eyelid into several dozen pages, with the conviction of their bronze right. But the franc cases have outgrown domestic lawyers, and as in many other major cases, it has turned out that it is not the law that is at stake, but the pendulum of the public’s righteousness to reach for the shoddy pathos. But then, hell, how can you aspire to high legal competence without understanding the social mood and direction of this pendulum, both here in the country and in Luxembourg?


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