One Word of the Revolution


One of the identified reasons for the success of political populists such as Donald Trump is the deception of political correctness. Trump is unacceptable to educated and intelligent people, he says things that are unpredictable and chimerical, he insults people, and so on. For many of his constituents, however, this means an advantage for Trump – he says everything that in the popular so-called liberal democratic order wants to hide.

We, Poles, are a nation bound, filled with hypocrisy, because we are very insecure. Also, our populist power did not go beyond the narrative-linguistic schema and did not exceed the limits of linguistic correctness, i.e. in this matter it is not similar to Trump (although it is the same formation mentally). That is, PiS does various fatal things, breaks the democratic order and good manners, but basically remains on the grounds of linguistic stiffness and banality. The same as for both sides.

At the moment, we have a very peculiar revolution on Polish streets, one of the elements of which is the release of real, commonly hidden beliefs due to political correctness. The main slogan of the revolution, “Get the fuck out”, is a symbol and metaphor of a community of views or rather moods uniting people. They came out to protest the ban on abortion, but then it turned out that we all meant something more. For women, it is a revolution against patriarchal enslavement above all, but for everyone it is also a revolution against the patriarchal way of doing politics, which is to impose your will without discussion and open to compromise.

As a political slogan, this word means this: we don’t know how to talk to you, we can’t explain anything to you because you don’t want to listen to us. 5 years have passed. We will not get along with you. You’re not learning anything. You are not considering listening to us at all. And we are not any minority, we are the majority deconfigured by the electoral system and the use of public television. You win the election with the majority in the villages of Białystok, Lublin and Podkarpacie, and as a result of this majority you want to impose on us not your political views, but a way of life. We are not particularly proud of this situation or the slogan, but all we have to tell you is this: “Get the fuck out”.

And if anyone has any doubts about the meaning of this message, the old, spiteful, hateful and dandruffed Jarosław Kaczyński comes to the Sejm tribune. This guy rules Poland, and the people around him submit to this guy, wading uncritically to the abyss. Pushing us all to the abyss. There, no one discusses anything with anyone, has no opinion on any important topic.
This leader of a large, beautiful country in the center of Europe believes that thousands of people who naturally, spontaneously protest against backward, unknown in Europe solutions concerning abortion, Kaczyński considers as “defenders of Nowak”, as criminals, as controlled and independent people.

So I will say this: this is a formation, a group as nasty as the dandruff on the chairman’s lap, as much beauty and civilization maturity in him. And a guy who may have never been in any stable relationship not only wants to decide whether and when women are to give birth to children, but in general – what the role of women should be in today’s twenty-first-century Poland.

If on the other side of the conversation, which is not a conversation, there is a political formation that does not have any democratic political properties – the only thing that can be said to it is what so many people have on the banners who do not use such words on a daily basis.


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