Author Michał Tomczak

I am a lawyer with thirty years of experience, in my first professional life I was a journalist. But in my every life I am most attracted to curiosity, discovering new lands, and secondly - convincing people to do what is wise, good or beautiful. I will also let myself be convinced of these three things.


From the ambassador’s report

In the unusual song describing Matejko’s painting “Rejtan”, Jacek Kaczmarski uses – in the mouth of the Russian ambassador to the court of the Polish king – a term that I remember for the rest of my life, “Authority is not a penny here.”

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Covid and GDPR

Art. 207 of the Labor Code imposes a general obligation on the employer to ensure…



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Reading Constitution

Supporters of the so-called “culture of life” (what a nasty hypocrisy) that I am listening…



Authoritarian leaders of all walks of life have always loved to use lawyers to sell…

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