Authoritarian leaders of all walks of life have always loved to use lawyers to sell their authoritarian decisions. They disliked lawyers and generally dismissed them as evil and an obstacle. Nevertheless, these authoritarian leaders felt they knew what to do to make what they were doing looked decent. For this they always had their lawyers.

But because those who habitually use untruths cannot know when something appears to be true and when it appears to be outright fraud. He’s losing sight. For this reason, the authoritarian leader does not know, therefore, that by using lawyers who are not any lawyers, by using a court that is no judgment, he exposes himself more than if he had carried out his authoritarian plan by himself.

As a result, things look even worse, and everyone knows who made it all up anyway.


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I am a lawyer with thirty years of experience, in my first professional life I was a journalist. But in my every life I am most attracted to curiosity, discovering new lands, and secondly - convincing people to do what is wise, good or beautiful. I will also let myself be convinced of these three things.

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