Our lawyer and their lawyer


A good friend of mine once worked as an inhouse in a large, privatized company that had been in a corporate power struggle for months. After each subsequent edition of such a dispute, whether after a shareholders’ meeting, or after a lawsuit for nullity of everything in general, and a separate friend of mine, a competent lawyer with extensive experience, she had only one task: to stick, as soon as possible, five opinions most well-known commercial law lawyers who used to be in Warsaw. Before the other side concludes these opinions.

As far as I know, my friend did not have to ask these lawyers what she expected from the content of these opinions. They are intelligent people, they figured it out for themselves – explained my intelligent friend.

I am quoting this story – because I learned that political envelope election makers rely on the legal opinion of one of the Warsaw law firms, according to which such elections, on such a date and under such conditions, were legal.

I do not want to even guess what is written in such opinions. In a magmatic legal state, in the absence of an understandable structure of administrative responsibility, and most importantly – in the absence of a procedure to formally assess the legality of actions – a lawyer can basically write anything. The question, however, is whether we are really talking about a legal opinion, or is it rather a semblance of law and law.

Well, the lawyer is both Julia Przyłębska and Ewa # Łętowska. Marek Muszyński and Marek #Safjan. To believe lawyers who support current authorities , you first need to be convinced that they’ve done some other things besides endorsing power.


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