Swiss francs


I would like to say something smart about the francs, but I am not able to. Especially when Ewa Łętowska and Leszek Balcerowicz faced each other in the dispute, i.e. two people so important that I would not mention few more important for the shape of my social thinking. In general, for all of me as I am. The difference between leftist and liberal thinking is just as irreconcilable as between liberal and conservative thinking.

We did not know this once. However, I think that the source of the problem is our collective social immaturity, the immaturity of institutions and confusion about the moral pattern that is the benchmark for judging events. I accept only one argument of bank defenders with great difficulty – the fact that everyone will bear the costs of the rulings protecting the franchisees. Because if someone was obliged to know that the franc can cost 4.20 PLN, it is only banks, not people hungry for housing after years of inability. But that’s not even the point: we cannot judge right by the argument that everyone will pay for it.

Because everyone pays for righteousness anyway, but it is not a result of anyone’s decision or premeditation. This is an organized society based on the idea of ​​community and on a social contract.


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